HEMS consulting.

Offering services related to HEMS is the logical step after all the experiences gained and the network of experts we were able to built up.

It is not only about a "logical step", it is much more about passion and servicing the society for building and running a helicopter supplemented medical emergency system !

We have recently been reminded by the pandemic that health is our most important asset. This, we should nurture and preserve. An established and well-functioning HEM-System has shown us again that this is and should be an indispensable pillar of a health system.

expect is teaming with experts out of various areas and competence fields in order to support and help building-up and keeping running a helicopter supported medical emergency system.

These expertise englobes services such as, but not limited to:

  • appoint consultants and focus on developing a feasibility study and define operational procedure documents.
  • establish bilateral partnership with a global HEMS centers of excellence for training.
  • define training programs: initial & recurrent for pilots, medical, crew and technicians.
  • elaborate financing programs and launch fundraising initiatives.
  • acquire light medical interior and manage its integration into existing operators through the training of crews and training in equipment material support.
  • expand existing operations to:
    Alarm Centers & Dispatch,
    landing sites network focusing on secondary missions.
  • acquire MEDEVAC simulators.
  • ....